Al-Manar follows the guidelines given by CBSE, New Delhi and the rule of the Kingdom in framing the scheme of studies and curriculum.

Play Class (Nursery)

Pre-writing and Pre-reading skills, Number Concept, GeneralStudies, Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills etc.

L K G (PP I)

English, Number Concept, General Studies, Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills, Creative Activities etc.


English, Second Language, Number Concept, General Studies, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Creative Activities, etc.

Class I - IV

English, Second Language (Hindi / urdu / Arabic), Mathematics, Environmental Science, Other (Third) Lanugage (Urdu / Malayalam / Tamil / Gujarathi / French).


Other (Third) Language will be introduced in Class III and continues upto class VIII.

Class V - VIII

English, Second Language (Hindi / Urdu / Arabic), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Other (Third), Language(Urdu / Malayalam / Tamil / Gujarathi / French)

Class IX & X

English/ Second language (Hindi / Urdu / Arabic / Tamil / French), Mathematics/ Science / Social Science.

Auxiliary Subjects:

Studies in Islam, Moral Science, Saudi Arabian Culture, Computer, Art & Craft, Health & Physical Education, Life Skills Education, Disaster Management etc. Note : Arabic Language is compulsory upto class VIII as per the rule of the Kingdom.