Al Manar International School celebrated constitutional Day on 26/11/2015 with colorful programs of children as a token of love and respect to the framers of the constitution of India. At the Boys Section our principal, Mr. Kapil Shaji Mon addressed the students and teachers pointing out the unique necessity of a constitution to a nation like India where multi socio religious people live in peace and harmony upholding the principle of “Unity in diversity” and its adoptability to the diverse culture of India. Like wise, at Girls section our Vice Principal, Ms. Maithri Jagadeesh gave a wonderful speech which enlightened the young minds.  As part of key note address

                Mr. Abdul Rasheed, the teacher of social studies discussed on the salient features of the constitution and its important articles which exist as sine qua non in Indian contexts. Later on  the social department of our school organized quiz competition on the topic “Indian constitution” The participants were from class VIII, IX and x, and indeed students turned up and set up an art gallery which was conspicuous by the diverse portraits, drawings and other art forms. The students had crammed themselves with a lot of Knowledge for the quiz. There were four teams namely Equality, Liberty, Justice and Fraternity. There were total six rounds. Tirst four rounds were oral with inversing difficulty levels. The fifth round was visual round which made the students a little tensed. Each participant displayed a lot of zeal and enthusiasm while attempting to answer the question posted by the quiz master, Mr. Abdul Rasheed. It was truly an enriching experience.