The Annual day of Al Manar International School Spandan 2016 was celebrated colorfully on Jan 21 in Boys Section.

This celebration of Spandan 2016 was based on a theme of global warming and played an important role to convey the messages of consequences of global warming considerably. Total 16 programs and were divided into manifold phases which were centered completely on the theme.

The programs started planting a mock tree on the stage as a token of protection of forests after each phase of the programs which are linked with global warming and its effects on the society, the tree was shown growing up leaving a great message behind that the trees are to be planted for saving the land and future generation.

The fest which was conspicuous by the presence of Mr Naif Salim Refayi (Supervisor, MOE Yanbu) and felicitated by Dr Abdul Bari Ibrahim CEO AMIS, Mr Muhammed Khader (Chairman, SMC AMIS), Mr Shaiju M. Sainudeen (Senior Manger, AMIS), Mr Muhammed Bin Saeed (Admin. Manger, Boys section, AMIS). Mr Kapil Shaji Mon (Principal, AMIS) read out the annual report of the School. Later on prizes and certificates distribution for the winners were done accordingly.

The celebration, conducted as two sessions like inaugural and cultural sessions. The former, commenced with welcome speech of Boys Section Head Master Mr Syed Younus ended with vote of thanks by the program coordinator Mr Mubarak Hamza. The latter, started with the introduction ended with the vote of thanks by school head boy Master Aftab Ahmad

Spandan 2016 in Girls Section was celebrated on January 2. It was based on the theme of World Peace by letting pigeon free in air.( The Fest which was conspicuous by the precise of Mrs Khulood Al Ahmadi (Admin. Manager, Girls Section). Ms. Maithri Jagdeesh (Vice Principal, Girls Section) presented the annual report highlighting the achievements and growth of our school). The children stole the show with their innocent and enthralling cultural events. The programmers were focused on the theme of world peace

Our Special thanks goes to the program Co ordinator Mrs. Mary Sindu for presenting her welcome speech.